Internet Specials

ShoeBox Bookkeeping Value Pack $99 

For the low flat rate monthly fee of $99 we will put together your bank statement, credit card statement and check stubs to create your financial reports. We call it ShoeBox Bookkeeping     read more

Officer Only Payroll - $40
For the low flat rate monthly fee of $40 we provide full payroll services for the controlling officer of a corporation.  Are you a corporate officer and need to pay yourself a payroll?     read more

QuickBooks Tune-Up

Whether you need to prepare for tax time, a financial review or you just need to clean up some problem areas, you will be prepared with a QuickBooks Tune-up. In four (4) hours, a QuickBooks expert will help you clean up and organize your bookkeeping system.   read more

Free 1 Hour Consultation

No-Obligation Bookkeeping / Accounting Service Consultation. When you are looking to hire a bookkeeper for your company (or make a change from your current bookkeeper to a different one) we want you to talk to and interview us.  read more